These Adorable Ninja Kittens Have The Web Saying AWWW!

| Published on January 28, 2015

Get ready for cuteness overload!! Some of our favorite Internet kittens are back with a new video that will have you smiling in no time! At just 6 weeks old, these kitties are feeling a little feisty. We’re not sure if they’re dancing, fighting, or doing a combination of both but whatever they are doing makes them look like tough little kitten ninjas! YEP! Ninja Kitties!!!! You’ve got to watch and see what we mean!
I love they way they look when they strike a “tough” kitty pose!! It’s definitely not as tough as these kitties believe, but that’s what makes it even more adorable.

Has your kitten or cat ever gone into “ninja-mode”? It’s one of my favorite things they do!

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Big thanks to FunnyCatsandNiceFish for another spectacular video! Be sure to head over to their YouTube Channel for more adorable kitty videos!