The Magnificats – Meet Rocky’s Babies!

Britain’s most famous internet cats, The Magnificent 7 Cats have been blogging on for about a year; you might have seen us around.

After 3 years, we’ve decided that it’s time to change our name. Rocky, Prince, Junior, Ugs, Princess Pixie, Tom and Norman are now:

THE MAGNIFICATSlogo blue 700 px

You might remember that Rocky, The Magnificats’ in-house tough-guy, likes to spend time away from home, usually a few hours a day. On one occasion, Rocky disappeared for several days.

We were frantic, searching the neighborhood, signs on lamp posts, checking animal hospitals. And on about day 5, as I was searching the local streets, calling his name, a lady approached me: ‘Is he black with short-hair and a white angel on his chest? You’d better come with me!’. On arriving at the lady’s house, I found Rocky looking very pleased with himself. And a very tired-looking mum-cat snuggled-up with a week-old litter. Meet Rocky’s babies!

And, as we’ve got the baby pictures out, take a look at Pixie, Tom, Junior and Norman when they were kittens.


Rocky’s Kitten #1

Magnificats iheart 2 Mar 2016 baby 3

I guess Rocky’s babies were always going to be good-looking!


Rocky’s Kitten #2

Magnificats iheart 2 Mar 2016 baby 1

Eyes looking right into your soul – just like dad.


Rocky’s Kitten #3




Magnificats iheart 2 Mar 2016 baby 2

There’s something familiar about those cute, white paws…



20 July 2015 ROCKY slant

Superstud! Here’s the proud dad himself.


Pixie in 2011

Magnificats iheart 2 Mar 2016 Pixie baby

Our Princess Pixie was a tiny kitten once.

And at five years old she’s lost none of her looks…

Magnificats iheart 2 Mar 2016 Pixie


Tom: at three months old, just before he came home to us.


Tom baby iheartcats 8 Mar 16


And my, how he’s grown!

Tom iheart 3 Aug 2015 Tom near grass



Junior: at about one year old looking very skinny.

Junior baby iheartcats 8 Mar 16


And at 7 years old, he’s really filled-out!



Norman: our sweet little boy at 5 months

Norman Baby iheartcats 8 Mar 16


And looking just as pretty 3 years later.

NORMAN for iheartcats 10 Aug 2015 Norman posing





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We post great new photos every day and we’d love to hear from you – and your kitties.

THE MAGNIFICATSlogo blue 700 px

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