The 10 Largest Cat Breeds

Largest Cat Breeds

We all love cats, both domestic and wild. There are a number of large cat breeds that are willing to cuddle all day long! They might not be as big as lions, but they’re far bigger than the average house cat.

#1 – Maine Coon


Maine Coons are one of, if not the largest cat breeds today. In fact, these fluffy guys maintain an average weight of 15-25 pounds! That’s a lot of cat!

#2 – Savannah


Savannah cats get their size from being crossbred with the Serval, a wild cat found in Africa. Not only are these cats heavy, their just as long and tall. The average weight for a Savannah is 25 pounds.

#3 – Ragdoll


Ragdolls are big cats with even bigger hearts. Bred for their outstanding personalities and calm dispositions, these cuddly felines have an average weight of 10-20 pounds.

#4 – Chausie


The Chausie is another cat that was created by mixing domestic felines with their wild cousins. This is a very rare breed that costs a very pretty penny to own, but their beauty is enough to tempt anyone. Chausie’s have an average weight of 15-20 pounds.

#5 – Ragamuffin


Ragamuffins were based on the above-mentioned Ragdoll to follow in the footsteps of an excellent temperament. Ragamuffins also maintained the size, weighing an average of 11-17 pounds.

#6 – Norwegian Forest Cat


These beautiful felines are another very large cat, with males weighing an average of 13-22 pounds! It seems like much of it might be hair, but these cats are actually quite muscular. Their long coats are waterproof to help them survive the Scandinavian winters from which they originate.


#7 – Siberian Cat


Hailing from the cold climate of Siberia, it’s no wonder this is a large, densely coated feline. These beautiful cats are even a Russian national treasure! They also make incredible snuggling companions that weigh around 10-20 pounds.

#8 – British Shorthair


These British cats are one of the largest short-haired felines around. They are very affectionate and make wonderful companions. British Shorthairs have an average weight of 9-18 pounds.

#9 – Turkish Van


These beautiful cats are a rare breed that originate from central and southwest Asia, and they didn’t arrive in the United States until 1982. The average weight for Turkish Vans is 9-13 pounds.


#10 – American Bobtail


American Bobtails are distinct because of their bobtails! This breed was created strictly by natural selection, and the bobtails they sport are a natural phenomenon! They have an average weight of 7-15 pounds.



Written by Katie Finlay


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