This Deformed Kitten’s Will To Live Gives Instant Perspective On Life

Many rescue stories teach us lessons about life. Meet Laura Hawthorne, who has volunteered for nine years rescuing cats and kittens who needs serious help. This is the story of Pretzel and her siblings. Born with deformities, life was not easy for these kittens. They needed special attention in order for them to eat, sleep and move. Unfortunately, two of pretzel’s siblings didn’t make it, but Pretzel continues to grow healthy and at seven months old, she is thriving. Watch Pretzel’s … Read more

Watch These 4 Tiny Kittens Make Music With The Christmas Tree

Thankfully, these tiny babies are still just that… tiny! For now, they’re plenty amused by the bell ornaments hanging on the lower branches of the Christmas tree. As they make the bells jingle, it’s like these kittens know that they’re making music, and their happy human is enjoying the symphony. Watch this adorable foursome: They’re innocently playing now but you just wait, next year they’ll be after a different decoration… the tree topper! We love how playful these adorable little … Read more

10 Things All Cat Owners Have Probably Done

If you’re a cat owner, you’ve altered your life in order to cater to your cat – and you wouldn’t have it any other way! Chances are there’s at least one (or ten!) things on the list in the video below that you have done at some point. (Okay, be honest… you know you’ve done them all!) I’ve done #5 regularly… and I’m not ashamed! Which of these things do you do the most in order to give your kitty the … Read more

This Ginger Cat Just Wants To Hug His Human Forever

Having a bad day? Here’s a kitty hug to make you feel better! This video is so sweet that it got over 2 million views in YouTube! Watch the video below and you’ll see a cat who absolutely loves to give hugs to his human! It looks like this cat just wants to hug his human all day. What a sweet kitty… and that man is one lucky guy to have such a sweet cat who loves to give hugs! … Read more

These Big Dogs Know That The Cats Are In Charge!

Sorry dogs, but this next video is just even more evidence supporting the fact that cats rule the household… and the world. Sure, you guys are typically bigger than us but we’re cats. We’re unpredictable. We don’t do anything to please others, just whatever pleases us. So when you hesitate to walk past us… we’re going to totally take advantage of it! Why? Because we’re big bad scary kitty cats!! 😉 So nope, you shall not pass, dog! Well, at … Read more

This Cat Works At A Nursing Home, And What He Does There Will Amaze You

Oscar is no ordinary cat. Oscar works in a nursing home, and he makes his rounds just like doctors do. But there is something truly unique and extraordinary about this special feline. Although often aloof, as many cats can be, he knows when it is “time” for those patients at the home to leave Earth. But better yet, he stays with the patients during that time–lingering nearby when their time is fast approaching. Yes, that’s right. Oscar the cat predicts the … Read more

Hilarious Kitten Will Try Anything To Get The Sleepy Dog To Play

This kitten is persistent! If he wants to play, then by golly, he’s going to play! Kitty decides that his fellow housemate is the perfect thing to play with, but the Doberman isn’t interested in playing. (Shoutout to the Doberman for being so patient!) But the kitty doesn’t let that stop him from trying! I love this video, it totally had me giggling! Adorable, right?! These two are so precious. That kitten’s moves are just too funny! Do you have a … Read more

This Cat REALLY Missed Her Dad When He Was Gone For 3 Days

It’s hard leaving our pets when we go, but seeing their sweet faces when we come home is one of the best things ever! Whether we’re seeing them after a week-long vacation or a day at work, our furry friends make us feel so important and loved. Watch how this adorable tuxedo kitty welcomes her dad home after a 3 day trip with open paws. By the way she runs down the stairs to greet him, we bet she missed him a lot! Watch how … Read more