This Kitten Sounds Like He’s Saying “Yum Yum Yum” While He’s Eating

A delectable meal makes a person (or even a cat!) eat like there’s no tomorrow. It really shows when our cats are enjoying their meal, because it’s almost like they are smiling. Check this kitty out! As he’s chowing down, it sounds like he’s saying “yum yum yum!” It must be really good! His human really enjoyed watching him indulging that tasty feast! Source: Kitten makes hilarious sounds while eating by AnimalTales on Rumble Isn’t that cute?! Share this amazing … Read more

This Kitten Knows When His Puppy Friend Needs Some TLC

Whoever said that cats and dogs can’t get along definitely hasn’t seen this precious kitten and puppy duo, Winston and Zeke. After a very long day at the vet, being treated for allergies and sadly having to receive a number of shots, Zeke was totally worn out and hurting from such a tiring day. via YouTube Usually Winston and Zeke would spend their time playing and chasing after one another, but on this day, Zeke could barely keep his eyes … Read more

Watch As This Tiny Kitten Gets Rescued After Being Trapped In The Wall For 4 Days!

We see a lot of cat rescue videos every day, but this one totally took our breath away. It’s so intense and we weren’t sure what the outcome would be!   This little kitten went missing and his family looked everywhere for him for four days without any luck finding him. Just when they were feeling hopeless, they heard some meowing… and incredibly, it was coming from inside the wall on the second floor of their home! They had to … Read more

9 Reasons To Rescue A Mature Cat Over A Kitten

While tiny kittens are undeniably cute, sometimes introducing one into your home isn’t the best idea. A kitten is unpredictable, and given what you already have in your home, sometimes not the safest idea. Here’s why choosing to rescue a mature cat over a kitten might be best for you: 1. Kittens don’t stay kittens forever. These irresistibly cute babies are hard to say “no” to, but like anything in life, it won’t last forever. With a mature cat, what you … Read more

Watch These 4 Tiny Kittens Make Music With The Christmas Tree

Thankfully, these tiny babies are still just that… tiny! For now, they’re plenty amused by the bell ornaments hanging on the lower branches of the Christmas tree. As they make the bells jingle, it’s like these kittens know that they’re making music, and their happy human is enjoying the symphony. Watch this adorable foursome: They’re innocently playing now but you just wait, next year they’ll be after a different decoration… the tree topper! We love how playful these adorable little … Read more

Hilarious Kitten Will Try Anything To Get The Sleepy Dog To Play

This kitten is persistent! If he wants to play, then by golly, he’s going to play! Kitty decides that his fellow housemate is the perfect thing to play with, but the Doberman isn’t interested in playing. (Shoutout to the Doberman for being so patient!) But the kitty doesn’t let that stop him from trying! I love this video, it totally had me giggling! Adorable, right?! These two are so precious. That kitten’s moves are just too funny! Do you have a … Read more