Look-Alike Animal Photo Series Unites Pets In Unlikely Friendships

They say everyone has a doppelganger, and it looks like that theory extends to our pets, too! Mark Taylor of Warren Photographic credits the brilliant idea for his twin animals photo series to his mother. She originally photographed her seal point Birman kitten with her similar-patterned Dwarf bunny, and the concept evolved from there. A photo posted by Adorable Animals (@warren_photographic) on Apr 11, 2016 at 8:37am PDT Soon Taylor was snapping pics of puppies that look like bunnies, hairless cats with … Read more

Rescue Cat Has A Personality As Big As Her Gorgeous Fluffy Coat

Alice is a 5-year-old Persian mix whose previous owner was unable to keep her for unknown reasons. Luckily, her adoptive mom Yara was more than ecstatic to give her a loving home. Yes, you read that correctly, somebody actually gave this stunningly beautiful cat up for adoption! A photo posted by @hallo.alice on Feb 1, 2016 at 8:21am PST Yara began documenting Alice’s day-to-day antics on Instagram and quickly garnered more than 16,000 followers. A photo posted by @hallo.alice on … Read more

Ragdoll Kitty Dramatically Reacts To Catching Her Human “Cheating”

As we know, cats have an extensive list of things they’d prefer not to do with their humans. For example, they don’t take kindly to being cradled like babies, bathed like dogs or dressed up like dolls. As the gorgeous Ragdoll cat in this video demonstrates, another pesky peccadillo they can certainly live without is the aroma of another feline on their human’s skin. A video posted by Bailey Belle (@baileyragdoll) on Mar 29, 2016 at 6:12pm PDT Bailey Belle of the … Read more

World’s Largest Cat Is Also The Purrfect “Big” Brother

Ludo is not your ordinary house cat. At just 2-years-old, Ludo, a Maine Coon, achieved the Guinness World Records title of Longest Living Domestic Cat in October of 2015. A year later, this kitty had grown even bigger–and so has his family! Cat-mom Kelsey Gill told Love Meow that Ludo was the biggest kitten in his litter. But when he grew to be over 20 pounds by his first birthday, they knew there was something extra-special about this massive Maine Coon. A photo posted … Read more

This Handsome Mustached Meower May Be Instagram’s New “It” Cat

When we stumbled upon Mister Miso in an article my People Pets, we were smitten with this kitty’s “got milk?” markings and stunning blue eyes. Currently, @mustachemiso only has 20 Instagram followers, but we predict that won’t last long! According to People Pets, Mister Miso’s owners found the irresistibly fluffy kitty alone on the streets in New Jersey. With no identification, they took him home, and the rest was history. Now, this small-town cat is living his big-city dream in New … Read more

Hairstylist Comes Up With A Clever Way To Make Sure Her Cat Is Always “With Her”

Thought you were the ultimate cat lady? Well, just check out this woman’s kitty-inspired cut! I know she has me beat! Russian Instagram-er Katichka (Kat-ichka…how appropriate!) shows off her sherbert-colored ‘do, shaved into a cat shape in the back of her head. “My sleepy cat with me always,” reads the caption on the photo. A photo posted by 🍡🍥🍉Katichka🍡🍉🍥 (@laserb.kate) on Apr 2, 2016 at 3:43am PDT This fantastic feline buzz in an example of a new fad called hair tattooing, where … Read more

These Cats Are Jealous Of How Good Their Parents Eat–And So Are We!

We know that dogs love to linger around the dinner table, but have you heard of cats giving the old “begging eyes” to their humans? In Japan, there’s a food-loving cat duo who loves watching their parents cook and eat! And with such delicious-looking meals, who could blame them? Rice, noodles, dumplings, fish, and pancakes, the kitties have even inspired their parents to make some cat-themed dishes that are almost too cute to eat (…almost!). Check out these feline foodies as they … Read more

Two Ginger Tabby Kittens Were Once Abandoned…Now They’re Living A Life Of Bliss

When Moscow-dweller Anya Yukhtina stumbled upon two orange kittens that had been abandoned in a garden, she decided to take them in and care for them, herself. Only a few days old, the brothers had to be fed every four hours and kept snuggly in blankets. A photo posted by Anya Yukhtina (@anyagrapes) on Jun 23, 2015 at 9:44am PDT Now older and healthy, it looks like the lucky gingers have found themselves in kitty heaven! A photo posted by … Read more

Cat’s Selfie Shots Take Social Media By Storm

Behold! The new social media phenomenon is a kitty lovers’s dream! Introducing: The Selfie Cat. And the star of this feline photography? Meet Manny, the mastermind behind Instagram’s selfie sensation. While cat selfies are not a new social media trend, Manny’s cheeky shots have taken the internet by storm. The viral nature of this particular tabby’s posts may be because of his purrrfect selfie-snapping angle, perhaps in combination with the high-res photos and the overall beauty of the photography. An article by Daily Mail hypothesizes … Read more