Here Are The Top Reasons Cats Visit The Vet

You take your cat for her annual check-up, but some ailments warrant more than just a once-yearly vet visit. According to a pet insurance company and an Ontario-based vet, we’ve compiled some of the most common reasons that pets go to the doctor. Life is certainly unpredictable, but the more you know, the more you can try to do to prevent certain health issues from happening–and possibly, from happening again! The 10 Most Common Pet Insurance Claims For Cats In 2015 Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) compiled … Read more

3 Simple Ways To Keep Your Cat’s Teeth Clean

Dental health is an important part of your cat’s overall wellness and should not be overlooked. However, if there is somewhere cat owners find themselves slacking, it’s usually in the dental health department. This is because keeping your cat’s teeth clean has been emphasized relatively recently and a lot of people are simply unaware of the risks. However, just like people, there are many oral diseases that cats can and do get that could lead to even greater problems down … Read more

5 Natural Ways To Help Combat Hairballs

If you own a cat then you’ve dealt with hairballs (unless of course you own a Sphynx!). It’s no fun to come home and find your cat has hacked up all over your white carpet. And you can bet it’s no fun for your kitty either! In honor of National Hairball Awareness Day (April 29), Wellness Pet Food’s on-staff veterinarians shared the following tips to help curb those hairballs. #1 – Be Sure To Brush We know cats self-groom, but … Read more

Could Tap Water Be Causing Health Issues In Pets?

We all want to do anything we can to keep our pets healthy and happy. Urinary issues are a BIG problem in both felines and canines. Giving your pet a better life might be as simple as changing their water. Trupanion, a leading provider of medical insurance for cats and dogs, released a report this week that identified a correlation between urinary health conditions among pets and hard water ratings in U.S. cities as reported by the Environmental Protection Agency … Read more

Starving Older Cat “Grows Younger” As Forever Parents Nurse Him Back To Health!

Last October in a park in the Bronx, New York, a rail-thin ginger tabby was found, nearly starved to death. He was taken to a shelter, but because of his condition, was put on the kill list. When a woman named Hannah got an alert about a cat about to be euthanized at a nearby shelter, she called them immediately to halt the process. She and her boyfriend Danny had been wanting to adopt an older cat. When they saw the … Read more

8 Household Items That Could Be Dangerous To Your Cat

Our cats are our best friends and we always want them to be happy, healthy, and safe, especially in our homes. You may be surprised to find out that your home may be filled with things that are putting your cat at risk. Learning how to see your home from your cat’s perspective will help you understand how to create a safer environment for your cat. Here are 8 common household dangers and some steps you can take towards safety. … Read more

Cats Care For Three-Legged Puppy After Mom Tried To Eat Him

Bored Panda community member aleovir has quite the story to tell. This animal lover met a tiny puppy named Nicholas when he was just days old and under dire circumstances: the Pit Bull puppy’s mother had eaten three of his siblings, and sadly he was next. She had begun the deed, and chewed off his paw, before he was rescued. Because he was so young and so injured, Nicholas’ future wasn’t guaranteed. But as he continued receiving round-the-clock care, his health began to improve. … Read more

5 Summer Dangers & How To Protect Your Cat From Them

You may think that your indoor cat is safe from danger. While it’s true that indoor cats face less threats than cats who are allowed outdoors, summer still presents a handful of dangers that pet parents should know about. Below are 5 seasonal dangers to keep in mind to keep your kitty safe all summer long! 1. Overheating and dehydration As the summers get hotter and more humid, heat stroke and dehydration become bigger threats to our cats who have … Read more

10 People Foods We Can Share With Our Cats

We often see cats getting canned tuna and fresh milk in movies and on TV – yet in real life these can have ill effects on our feline friends. In fact, we’re always being warned about how dangerous certain foods are for our cats. But we love our kitties, and we love to share with them. Luckily, there are a number of “people” foods we can share with our cats safely. Wondering what they are? Find out below! #1 – Bananas … Read more