3 Ways To Help Your Cat Stay Active

Keeping cats active is a little bit more difficult than keeping other pets active, like dogs. If your cat is indoor only, you might feel like there isn’t a lot of room for your cat to move around. But that doesn’t mean they can’t maintain an active lifestyle. Cats need exercise just like humans do, and for all the same reasons. Physical health is important to a long, happy life. There are many ways to safely provide enough exercise for … Read more

Ask A Vet: How Can I Tell If My Cat Has Arthritis?

Arthritis (more accurately, osteoarthritis or OA) is irritation of the joints and is a painful and common disease. Any creature with bones and joints is at risk. There is even more risk in cases where there have been bone and joint injuries or excessive use.  Normal wear and tear and aging changes can lead to osteoarthritis.  Ask any person older than 40 and you will probably hear reports of joint popping and stiffness.  The fact is…arthritis seems to be very … Read more

9 Tips To Help Your Cat Live A Long, Healthy Life

Cats seem like such low-maintenance pets that it’s easy to wonder if you’re doing everything possible to keep them happy and healthy. Is there something else you could be doing to enrich their lives? With information from WebMD, PetMD, Health, and WikiHow, here are 9 tips for helping your cat live all 9 of his long, healthy lives.  #1 – Keep them inside. Cats that spend time roaming outside only have an average lifespan of 2-5 years, while an average indoor … Read more

Ask A Vet: Why Does Cat Pee Smell So Bad?

You know the smell of cat urine. It lingers long after you clean the box and if your cat pees on something else, you know right away. If you think about what urine is, you’ll realize that you can explain some of what you smell already. Urine is the byproduct of a body’s metabolism. It is literally made up of a body’s waste. When a cat’s body breaks down proteins, urea is produced. The urea is then excreted by the … Read more

Program Allows Shelter Cat To Visit With Critically Ill Hospital Patients

A very special intensive care nurse at UCSF Medical Center in San Francisco is spreading joy, hope and healing – all without even standing up! Duke Ellington Morris the Cat is a robust black and white rescue from the San Francisco SPCA. The laid-back kitty happily cruises the hospital halls soothing patients and stressed-out staff alike.   Duke is part of a unique partnership between the SPCA and the hospital known as the animal-assisted therapy program in which shelter pets visit with … Read more

From The Vet: 3 Easy Hacks To Help Your Cat Live Her Best Life

Cat owners make lots of decisions for their cats, from what they eat to how much they sleep. We all have the same joys and the same concerns. We are also only human and we love to find the “easy button.” We want to know secrets and tips and that is where the term “hack” was born. There are a few easy hacks that you can do to make your cat’s life easier and better…maybe even save it! 1. Filter their … Read more

3 Tips To Help Ease Your Own Cat Allergy

Whether you’re planning to entertain guests that are allergic to cats or are suffering from an allergy yourself, there are things you can do to help relieve symptoms. In fact, many cat owners or foster parents are allergic to cats! They just know how to keep their symptoms at bay. A severe allergy can’t be ignored, of course, but things can be done to help make you or your guests more comfortable when sharing a home with a cat or … Read more

3 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Cat’s Ears

Ears are arguably one of the cutest features on our cats, as proven by the many cat-ear hats, hoods and costumes there are out there. Since cats use their ears so much to communicate, it can be endearing to see all of the different ways they move around. Just like us, though, their ears need some special care to keep infections and other ailments away. There’s nothing too complicated about caring for your cat’s ears, but it’s good to know … Read more

3 Tips For Fighting Feline Cancer

Cancer – the dreaded diagnosis every cat owner fears; yet roughly 30% of our cats will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives. We can do everything possible to prevent this terrible disease from rearing its head, but there are so many factors out of our control that we can never be sure it won’t happen. Perhaps the only good thing about feline cancer is that so many people can empathize – which simply means that they … Read more

Make Your Cat Happier & Healthier With This Simple Switch In His Mealtime Routine

Most cat moms and dads would do anything to make their feline family members happier. And if there is a cheap, easy way to do this? There’s no question about it! The good news is, you can help your kitty live a happier, healthier life simply by changing her mealtime habits. All you have to do is challenge your cat to work for her food. A photo posted by Sir Isaac Newton (@sir.newton.kitty) on Oct 10, 2016 at 9:41am PDT In … Read more