This Kitten Has The Cutest Special Talent

Rescue kitten Bobby’s unique trait has earned him the nickname, “Bobby Bat Ears.” Bobby was found abandoned with two other kittens last February in Melbourne, Australia, and taken to Mount Waverley Animal Emergency Centre. There the kittens received care, but without a home, were in danger of being euthanized. Annemarie Veneros took them into foster care, shouldering the duty of feeding them every four hours. While bottle feeding Bobby, she noticed that his ears would twitch every time he was … Read more

Here’s What It’d Be Like To Have A Cat As Your Boss…

While some of us are lucky to have awesome bosses, it’s an unfortunate fact of life that others aren’t the biggest fans of their superiors. They may be unpredictable, dismissive, or lack empathy. Our cats can be a little moody, too, but they make up for it with unconditional love, purrs, and snuggles. But as much as we love them, we probably wouldn’t want them to be the boss. Can you imagine what it’d be like if your cat was your company’s CEO? That’s … Read more

Watch This Kitten’s Reaction When His Friend Gives Him A Nibble

Baby animals are often “mouthy” when they’re learning to play and communicate, and these two kittens are an adorable example of this. The squirmy tabby on the left is clearly in the mood for a little fun, while his tuxedo friend on the right would rather do a little grooming. When the mischievous kitten puts his paw in his pal’s mouth, mid-yawn, he ends up getting nibbled. Just wait until you see his reaction! Watch what the tabby cat does after … Read more

Cat’s Curiosity Gets The Best Of Him In A Hilarious Way

We know that cats love shimmying their way into tight spaces, and while they’re usually very good at it, sometimes they just can’t fit! The ginger tabby in the video below is named Gabriel, and he learned first hand that he can’t squeeze into everything! According to Daily Mail, the kitten was socializing at his human’s birthday party and playing with the guests. When someone put a catnip toy in a narrow gift bag for him to fish out, the curious cat decided to dive in head first! Watch … Read more

Her Boyfriend Didn’t Like Her New Cat, So She Posted A Plea To Get Rid Of Him…

When one cat lover found out her boyfriend wasn’t a fan of her new kitten, she knew she had a difficult choice to make. “My boyfriend doesn’t like my new cat, so I have to give him away,” that_crazy_cat_lady titled her Reddit post.   She continued: I hate to do this, but I can’t keep him. Is anyone interested? He’s sweet, loves to cuddle. Answers to Benjamin. He is 32 years old and works in business management.     Fellow Redditor ysengrimus showed his whole-hearted support … Read more

Cat Decides That His Human Should Be Playing Instead Of Working

Cats are notorious attention hogs when they want to be, and for one reason or another, they love being front and center when we’re at the computer! (We can only guess why their favorite nap spot is on the keyboard.) Mel, a gorgeous British / American Short Hair mix is no exception. Although his human may think it’s time to get some work done, the kitty has a different idea: he wants to play! (Listen closely, you’ll also hear him purr…) Watch … Read more

Watch This Tiny Ginger Kitten Try To Catch His Shadow

The playfulness and curiosity of kittens is absolutely irresistiblec. It’s fun to watch as they big to explore the big, exciting world and try to figure things out! This ginger kitten looks like he’s getting his first lesson on his own shadow. As he tries to pounce on it, he realizes that his efforts are futile – but it’s so cute to watch! Watch what this kitten does when he sees his shadow: Isn’t that adorable? He’ll figure it out … Read more

Check Out Some Of The Funniest, Most Creative Cat Names Out There

There’s nothing like the excitement of bringing home a kitten or rescue cat and knowing that they’re going to be cared for and loved for the rest of their days. Whether your kitty has never had a name or you’d like to re-name your rescue to signify her new start, a lot of thought can go into this decision! Some people love names that describe their cat’s personality, some get inspiration from pop culture icons, and others prefer to go the traditional route  But whatever … Read more

No One Can Beat This Clever Cat At His Favorite Game

We all know that cats are super smart, but this clever kitty purrfectly illustrates just how observant they can be! Snow the American Curl has a favorite game, and he can’t be beat! When his human hides a ping-pong ball under a series of cups and switches them around, he’s always able to keep track of where its hidden. In this game, the kitty’s amazing hunting skills are put to good use! Watch him ace the challenge below: A video posted … Read more

Brave Cat Guards His Family From An Intruder

When people think of “guarding” animals, dogs usually come to mind. But this brave house cat proves that felines can turn ferocious when it comes to protecting their families! When Waffle saw a bobcat approach the glass door of his Telluride, Colorado home, he made sure to show the intruder that he meant business. Hissing and scratching (while safely behind the door, of course!), the ginger guardian wanted the big cat to know that he was not welcome in the house! “If it … Read more