Senior Man Killed When Struck By Vehicle; Now His Beloved Cats Need Homes!

Joe Gusti and his girlfriend Virginia rescued and cared for 26 cats, welcoming the kitties into their home so they’d be sheltered from the busy Jeff Davis highway near their home in Richmond. In an ironic twist of fate, 70-year-old Joe, a veteran, was killed after being hit by two cars when crossing the same street from which he was protecting his cats. Even more tragically, the reason for his outing was to get his girlfriend a birthday card on Christmas day. The … Read more

9 Amazing Facts About Your Cat’s Ears

Cats are amazing creatures. It seems like every single part of them plays a big role in how fast they can move or how precisely they can hunt in the dark. Their ears are no exception! Your cat’s ears are fine-tuned instruments that do some pretty amazing things. Here are 9 facts that may surprise you about those swiveling, tufty triangles on top of your cat’s head. Image: Robert Couse-Baker @ Flickr #1 – They have an incredible range of … Read more

After Being In Pain For A Year, This Cat Finally Has The Furever Home She Deserves

One of the hardest parts of volunteering at a cat shelter is not bringing all of the cats home with me after every shift. As I’m leaving, I just remind myself that I wouldn’t be doing anyone a favor by smuggling 130 cats back to my tiny apartment and that they’re better off at the shelter where they can be cared for by a large team of dedicated volunteers until they find more suitable forever homes. But if you’ve ever worked at … Read more

U.S. Postal Stamps Will Feature Cats In 2016

If you’re in the habit of paying your bills on the internet you may want to revert back to snail mail, because the U.S. Postal Service has just announced some exciting news. Later this year, they’ll be rolling out a book of stamps that features two lovely kitties! Image: USPS The booklet will be a collection of 20 stamps featuring pets that are popular in the United States. According to the USPS website, the new stamps were designed “to celebrate … Read more

Cats With Multi-Colored Eyes Are Stunning…But What Causes It?

It’s hard to ignore the stunning, unusual beauty of a cat who has eyes that are each a different color. It’s even more unusual for a cat to have multiple colors in one eye, but they’re out there! No matter how the colors are spread, if a cat has multiple colors in her eyes it’s a result of a condition called heterochromia. And, don’t worry, heterochromia is not a medical condition. Cats with heterochromia experience no adverse effects, even with … Read more

4 Amazing Super-Senses That Cats Inherited From Their Ancestors

Cats are incredible creatures with lightening-fast reflexes; your cat’s wildcat ancestors used those reflexes to hunt and stay safe from predators. Since your domestic cat is still wild at heart, they remain sharp even in you’re safe and cozy home. In fact, a cat’s awareness about her environment is almost always sharp– even when she’s blissfully cuddling on your lap or deep in sleep on the top tier of the cat tree. Her instincts and reflexes ensure that she’ll always be … Read more

Ask A Vet: My Cat Vomits, But It Is Only Hairballs, Right?

Sometimes cats vomit. It is a fact that most cat owners have come to terms with, but in reality, vomiting is not particularly normal. People think that it is related to normal grooming creating “hairballs”, but writing it off as “normal” is risky business. You should be aware that there are other causes of vomiting and regurgitation in cats that can be warning signs of more serious disease and even hair balls are not technically normal. Things that make cats … Read more

Cats Care For Three-Legged Puppy After Mom Tried To Eat Him

Bored Panda community member aleovir has quite the story to tell. This animal lover met a tiny puppy named Nicholas when he was just days old and under dire circumstances: the Pit Bull puppy’s mother had eaten three of his siblings, and sadly he was next. She had begun the deed, and chewed off his paw, before he was rescued. Because he was so young and so injured, Nicholas’ future wasn’t guaranteed. But as he continued receiving round-the-clock care, his health began to improve. … Read more

Quick Ways To Ensure Your Cat’s Litter Box Problem Will Never Resolve

Cat urine is a substance all its own. Even the most devoted cat lover would prefer it to stay in the litter box. If your cat is not using his box, there are certainly some common and easy ways to guarantee that he will never again have good habits and will always be able to surprise you with inconveniently wet and smelly socks. Decide that your cat is trying to spite or punish you. Clients sometimes tell me that their … Read more