This Sneaky Cat Has A Thing For French Toast!

When one woman started wondering where her breakfast was going every morning, she decided to take matters into her own hands. In order to catch her breakfast burglar, the woman set up a hidden camera just after setting her breakfast out–some super delicious French toast. The owner had a sneaking suspicion that the thief may have been one of her kittens, the same kitten who had developed a habit of eyeing her plate any time he saw leftover food remaining after … Read more

This Kitten Knows When His Puppy Friend Needs Some TLC

Whoever said that cats and dogs can’t get along definitely hasn’t seen this precious kitten and puppy duo, Winston and Zeke. After a very long day at the vet, being treated for allergies and sadly having to receive a number of shots, Zeke was totally worn out and hurting from such a tiring day. via YouTube Usually Winston and Zeke would spend their time playing and chasing after one another, but on this day, Zeke could barely keep his eyes … Read more

Peeking Kitty Puts On The Most Hilarious “Cat Face” You’ll Ever See!

If you want a quick cat video that will brighten up your day, this video is a good pick. Cats are funny even when they don’t even mean to be. The cat in this video isn’t doing anything crazy except peeking over the bed to look at something. His curious facial expression and eyes are hilarious! Watch this: I can say, this is one of my favorite funny cat videos of all time. I can’t stop watching this video over … Read more

This Cat Does Tricks Better Than Most Dogs!

Some animals can do amazing tricks. They are very intelligent and can learn so much with the right training. Normally, cat tricks differ from dog tricks, but this Bengal cat is so special. Instead of showing off “cat tricks,” he performs tricks that we usually associate with dogs!   You have to see it to believe it: Training your pets requires a lot of patience and determination. This is one talented cat that every cat lover would love to see. Please leave … Read more

These Cats Welcome Their Humans Home From Deployment Much Differently Than Dogs

By now, we’ve all seen videos of dogs whimpering and weeping from excitement when their owners return home from deployment. These emotional, sweet videos are so touching that even the manliest of men may shed a tear. But when cats welcome their owners home from a long deployment, their reaction is far different than the reactions from the dogs… Like, FAR different. The cats just aren’t really impressed with their humans’ return. Thankfully, these humans are aware of their less-than-enthusiastic cats and they … Read more

Playful Cat Burrows In Snow & Surprises Herself With Her Own Tail

It’s wintertime and this cat is enjoying the snow! With her feline sibling, she loves pouncing and playing in it, even though it’s cold and wet. But the best part of this video is when Elaine, the gray cat, burrows in the snow and sees her tail poking out… Watch what happens when they play in the winter weather: Silly Elaine attacked her own tail! We love how these two enjoy frolicking in the snow together – and entertain us with their hilarious curiosity! … Read more

What Your Cat Slowly Blinking Says About You

Cats are naturally guarded creatures, but if they let down their fuzzy wall and let you in, they can be rather affectionate. If you own a happy cat who trusts you, then you’ve probably seen what is called a “kitty kiss”. It’s that narrowing of the eyes when they look at you, slowly blinking in your direction. So what is the kitty kiss all about anyway? Let’s take a closer examination at this look of love: 1. You Are Trustworthy If your … Read more

The Healing Power Of Cats

Majestic, beautiful, lovable. Many kind words can be said when describing these wonderful animals that we find so endearing. Aside from all the obvious things that we adore about cats, did you know that it has been proven that these amazing animals possess healing powers? While cats are known for being incredibly self-healing, often times their healing abilities can have a positive effect on humans as well. Take a look at our gallery full of findings on the healing powers of cats: … Read more

This Deformed Kitten’s Will To Live Gives Instant Perspective On Life

Many rescue stories teach us lessons about life. Meet Laura Hawthorne, who has volunteered for nine years rescuing cats and kittens who needs serious help. This is the story of Pretzel and her siblings. Born with deformities, life was not easy for these kittens. They needed special attention in order for them to eat, sleep and move. Unfortunately, two of pretzel’s siblings didn’t make it, but Pretzel continues to grow healthy and at seven months old, she is thriving. Watch Pretzel’s … Read more

10 Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds

When people say they are allergic to cats, what they are actually allergic to is cat dander, not fur. The allergens that affect humans are produced from the cat’s saliva and skin oils, which are then carried throughout the home by the shed fur. While no cat has the ability to be 100% nonallergenic, there are certain cats that are known to be hypoallergenic. Here is a list of cat breeds that are known for their awesome hypoallergenic qualities:   1. Balinese … Read more