Ask A Vet: Which Joint Supplements Are Best For My Cat?

So, your cat has been diagnosed with osteoarthritis or you just feel like you are noticing some signs that may indicate it. You have seen the news and read on Google about “safe and effective” joint supplements that you can give to him. You can buy them anywhere and they range in price.  How do you know which to choose? There are some things you should consider before you buy anything. 1. The FDA classifies supplements as “food products” so … Read more

Cat With Multiple Disabilities Is Spared From Euthanasia & Finds His Forever Home

Speedo the cat was diagnosed with Swimmer Syndrome which is a rare developmental deformity of newborn cats. The hind limbs, and at times the front limbs as well, are splayed laterally, resulting in an inability or difficulty to stand or walk. Aside from that, he also had nerve damage, which prevented him from walking upright and rendered him incontinent. Poor Speedo, his chances for adoption were low to nil, so he was placed on the list to be euthanized, even … Read more

This Kitten Really Enjoys Helping Out With The Laundry

This kitty sure enjoys playing “laundry-catch” with her daddy. Maybe it’s their special time together. She catches each piece as best she can, as if she’s trying to impress him. It’s rather brilliant, actually! There’s just something about moving objects (even if it’s dirty laundry) that gets a cat’s prey drive going. As adorable as she is, we’re not sure she’s really helping with this chore; although, her gymnastics sure are entertaining! (Do you think she tries to help fold everything once it’s clean?) … Read more

Mama Cat Hears Puppy Crying & Knows He Needs Her Love

A mother’s love is always unconditional. No matter how their children differ from each other, she still gives them all her love. This mama cat exhibits the real meaning of endless love. When she heard the pup crying, she immediately stood up. When the pup was placed in the box, it curled up towards the kitten and the two snuggled each other. Watch the maternal kitty in the video below: There is no end to a mother’s love, and cats are some of … Read more

This Sneaky Cat Knows Exactly How To Surprise His Sibling

Cats are very sneaky creatures. They are like little furry ninjas! Their amazing hunting skills make them very good at stalking and sneaking up on their prey. Don’t you agree? It’s hilarious when cats sneak up on other cats when they play. We just love how serious they look when they sneak up on another cat. And we especially love the surprised reaction of the cat they’re sneaking up on! In the video below, a cat is hiding under a watermelon … Read more

The Eyes Have It! Meet Junior from The Magnificent 7: Britain’s Most Famous Cats

The Magnificent 7 Cats are Rocky, Dr Prince, Junior, Ugs, Princess Pixie, Tom and Norman. They live with their people in London, England. Over the coming weeks, we’re going to be featuring each of the 7 cats starting with our Turkish Van, Junior. With his pure white coat and bi-colour eyes, Junior’s striking beauty makes him one of the most instantly recognizable of the seven. Junior – like David Bowie – has bi-colour eyes, a genetic condition known as heterochromia iridis, the … Read more

This Cat “Dances” When Pouncing On His Toys – And It’s Hilarious!

Cats may look serious most of the time. But they can be very silly as well, especially when they’re playing with something. Sometimes, they suddenly do something so hilarious that it makes us laugh out loud! Now this kitty is a goofy one for sure. His name is Oreo, and he loves to play with his toys. Aside from playing, he has another hobby–he loves to dance! When Oreo plays with his toys, he does this strange and funny dance. … Read more

Sneaky Cat Steals Treat From Unsuspecting Sibling

When you have a sibling, there will always be some sort of competition in the house. There will be petty arguments at times, but that’s normal. Even feline and canine siblings have sibling rivalry, especially when it comes to food or treats! In the video below, you will see a cat waiting for his human to give him a treat. But what you don’t see is that his clever sibling is hiding somewhere, waiting to snatch the treat from him! … Read more

Kitten Shot Twice and Thrown In Dumpster Miraculously Survives

In Portland Oregon, a kitten miraculously survived after being found in a dumpster with two gunshot wounds. Twelve-week-old Louie (formerly named Lucy) sustained two shot wounds, one in the head and the other on his neck. He was then wrapped with a trash bag and then left to die in a dumpster of an apartment building. Fortunately, a concerned citizen found him and rushed her to the Oregon Human Society (OHS). Louie went through a horrible ordeal, but he survived. The … Read more

Persistent Siamese Cat Knows Exactly How To Get What He Wants

This Siamese cat knows how to ask for food in the sweetest way ever. While his human is very busy doing something on the computer, Elvis the cat tries to get her attention first. Surely he knows how to tell his human that he should not be ignored and he’s one important member of the family. After a long nibbling and cuddling, his owner finally offered Elvis a cookie, which was what Elvis wanted at the first place. Watch her … Read more