Demanding Cat Needs A (Human) Hand To Open The Treat Box

This resourceful kitty will do ANYTHING to get into the treat box! He knows where the goodies are, he knows that the box needs to be opened, and he knows he needs a special “tool”–his human’s hand–to get to those delectable tidbits! This clever kitty may have an unconventional way to get his snack, but it certainly works! Have you ever seen anything like that?! This cat may be pushy, but he sure is smart! What crazy things do your cats … Read more

Watch These Adorable Kittens Try To Squeeze Themselves Into A Tiny Tissue Box

Cats love squeezing themselves into tight spaces, and have a particular affinity for boxes. A kitty’s love for cardboard seems to be its birthright, as they show interest in it from the time they’re tiny kittens. The tiny kitten in this video can’t help but shimmy himself into an empty tissue box! He enjoys himself so much that his little buddy even tries to hop in, too! You have to see this cuteness: What a great place to play! Think they’re particular to … Read more

Somersaulting Cat Will Tumble His Way Into Your Heart

When cats go bonkers, they burn off excess energy by bouncing off the walls. For one kitty, somersaults are his go-to move when he’s feeling hyper! Simon is from the Netherlands, according to Love Meow. He just  loves to twirl ears-over-tail when he’s feeling excited! Watch the video below (note: there is no sound):   Do you think he gets dizzy? Cats just love to show of their cool moves to amaze us humans. Does your cat have a impressive, “cat-like” moves? … Read more

Watch How This Demanding Cat Begs For More Belly Scratches

Some cats just love getting their fluffy bellies scratched–and some won’t take “no” for an answer! This video, posted by Imgur user whydoyouevenreadthis, shows the adorable kitty reaching for her human’s hand to get more scratches! The video is appropriately captioned, “Come back here!” If cats could talk, that’s definitely what this one would be saying! Come back here! Those polydactyl paws look like thumbs reaching for the hand that gives belly scratches! Do you think this kitty is part Maine Coon? … Read more

First Non-Profit Cat Café Is Really Making A Difference

Cat Cafés have sprung up all over the world, growing very quickly in popularity here in the United States just in the last few years. These for-profit business have a philanthropic mission to help get more cats adopted by having shelter cats at the café for people to interact with, and possibly adopt. One Cat Café has taken a different approach with an incredible outcome. Cat Town Café, which opened in 2014 is a non-profit cat café located at 2869 … Read more

Sleeping Clouded Leopard Cub Is The Sweetest Thing You Will See All Day

Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo in Florida released this adorable video of one of a pair of clouded leopards born on February 29th.  The two cubs, both female, are names Aiya and Shigu. According to a statement released by the zoo, the cubs are at a new stage in development where they are getting to explore the outside world, which is crucial to their development: Exposing the cubs to different natural environments provides essential sensory enrichment for continued development. Interaction and socialization … Read more