Cole & Marmalade Get A Life-Sized “Gingerbread” House This Christmas

Kitty-loving couple, Chris Poole and Jessica Josephs, are the humans behind the celebri-cat duo of Cole and Marmalade. When they aren’t advocating for homeless felines and championing spay/neuter programs, Poole and Josephs run a YouTube page devoted to all things cat.

Since Cole and Marmalade tend to treat the family Christmas tree like a jungle gym, the couple decided to build them their own holiday-themed playhouse this year – and you can make one too!

In the following video, Cole and Marmalade’s “servants” walk you through the simple supplies you’ll need, then take you step-by-step through the construction process.

“Not only is the gingerbread house cat safe, it’s also great enrichment for Cole and Marmalade since they’re indoor cats we do lots of things to keep them entertained,” Poole told ABC News. “We hide cat treats in and around the [gingerbread] house each day now so they can ‘hunt’ them down,” he added.

The couple added festive finishing touches like a white shag rug to mimic snow and a custom-built sleigh “cat bed”.

“Each year we create a different Christmas-themed cat plaything to have in our living room,” Poole said.

Previous projects have included a cat-proof Christmas tree, a box maze, and a deluxe cat ball pit.

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H/T to ABC News

Featured Image via YouTube/Cole and Marmalade

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