Sophisticated Cat Relaxes To Classical Music


Have you ever wondered what your cat would listen to if they were in charge of the radio station? Despite some believing that music is a uniquely human phenomenon, other studies support evidence that show animals do have the capacity for music. This means your cat might actually enjoy listening to some tunes! What experts have found out, however, is that animals prefer music that matches the tones, pitches and tempos that are familiar sounds in their species. In other words, many animals respond to human music with disinterest.

That’s not exactly the case for Khaleesi, however. This fancy feline certainly marches to her own beat, but that beat happens to be human classical music! Apparently she’s a little to refined for traditional feline play time and wants to relax to a more sophisticated sound.



Khaleesi is one of the cutest cats we’ve seen and we just love her worldly musical tastes. It looks like she’s able to appreciate both the feline and human arts, regardless of what science says!

Written by Katie Finlay
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