So Funny! Watch What Happens After This Ragdoll Meets A Toy Parrot!


Those of who you haven’t seen any of Timo’s videos definitely need to check them out. Tim is a Ragdoll and he happens to be one of the most sociable cats on the Internet. True to his breed, he’s a little lazy, overly friendly and an all-around clown. While he’s made plenty of real animals friends before, this FurReal parrot completely throws him for a loop! FurReals toys are life-like, animated toys controlled with or without a remote. Squawkers, the McCaw in the video, talks and squawks just like any real parrot! Complimented by his feather-like fur, he seems perfectly real to Timo.




If you want to check out Timo’s YouTube channel (and we don’t blame you) visit him here. If you think your cat will have a reaction as funny as Timo, get your FurReal Squawkers here. We’ll certainly be checking back with more updates from Timo and other cats playing with FurReal toys.


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Written by Katie Finlay
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