Serenity the Dog Risked Her Life to Keep Kittens Warm on Snowy Night

Cats and dogs are known foes, but when temperatures drop and babies are in trouble, the rift between species matters little.

The night was freezing, snowing falling down around the ears of any soul caught outside. It was not an evening to be outdoors, but when Serenity the dog sensed trouble in the cold, she braved the frigid temps anyhow.

Pet and Wildlife Rescue/Facebook

Out in the snow, Serenity found five kittens all alone, facing certain death without the help of their mother. Serenity  curled her big body around the tiny babies to keep them as warm as she was able. Even though she shivered and suffered, she stayed with the little black kittens until someone happened upon them.

Pet and Wildlife Rescue/Facebook

The Kindness of Strangers

An unnamed Good Samaritan saw the dog out in the night and assumed Serenity was alone. But, the Samaritan found five tiny surprises cuddled up against the dog’s warm belly. The kindhearted stranger took the six freezing animals to Pet and Wildlife Rescue in Chatham, Ontario.

Seeing the bond already formed between Serenity and the litter of kittens, rescue staff quickly understood the situation. Though the brave dog could have found warm shelter for herself, her big heart refused to let the kittens die. She was willing to sacrifice her own safety for them.

In an interview with the dodo, Pet and Wildlife Rescue staff gushed, “It’s truly heartwarming! It had been a very cold night so these kittens would have had a very hard time surviving.”

Serenity and Her Kittens are Preparing for a Forever Home

The kittens received veterinary care for flea and worm infestations upon being taken in at the shelter. Their care and treatment have continued and, before long, the litter will be ready for adoption. As they were so young at the time of rescue, the kittens need a minute to grow strong and healthy in the hands of professionals with the training to respond should any medical issue arise.

Though the kittens need more time, Serenity will be ready for her forever home very soon. Once spayed, her adoption can go forward. On Facebook, Pet and Wildlife Rescue updated followers on Serenity and her wild energy, likening her to a toddler as she’s approximated at about two years old.

Pet and Wildlife Rescue/Facebook

Serenity said, “I love zooming around outside and will run circles around any person or object that is out in the yard with me.”

While Serenity is waiting for her forever home, she visits her kittens every day. She has to check in and make sure their doing alright. Her pride over her kittens is quite obvious.

Pet and Wildlife Rescue/Facebook

The story of how Serenity and the kittens came together is unclear. However their meeting happened, one thing is certain…Serenity the dog is a hero to kittens.

H/T: the dodo

Feature Image: Pet and Wildlife Rescue/Facebook

Written by Kelli Brinegar
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