Top 10 Gifts for Cat Lovers that Show You Care

If you’re a cat lover, you know that having a kitty isn’t just owning a pet; it’s a lifestyle! Being a “cat person” means you simply couldn’t imagine spending a day without a feline by your side. If you have fellow purr parents on your gift list this holiday season, show them you care by getting them a gift that reflects their love of all things cat! Below are 10 gifts for the doting kitty parents in your life, including … Read more

Keep Cozy this Winter with These Cat Themed Items!

It might still be autumn with a few weeks left to go, but is it ever really too early to be excited about winter? It really is a magical season – everything smells like pine, feels like wool and tastes like cinnamon! The temperature drops and you have every reason to stay indoors being snuggly with your kitty cats, warm blankets and fuzzy socks. Being excited for winter in November just means you get a head start on getting your … Read more

If You Love These 12 Things, You’re Definitely A Cat Person!

We cat-lovers can’t contain our love for the feline kind… and we’re proud of it! From their velvety heads to their soothing purrs, when it comes to kitties, any respectable cat person just can’t get enough! If you’re a cat mom or dad and you want to shout it from the rooftops, you’re definitely a cat person – and you’re going to love the items listed below. The best part is that every purchase helps feed hungry shelter cats, so … Read more