Russell Crowe Shares Tribute To Mom’s Cat After Cat Passes Away

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
For more than five years, Kelli Brinegar has been using her ability to write and her passion for research to tell the tale of what cats are thinking and why. She has provided care to more than 30 cats in her lifetime.Read more
| Published on June 15, 2020

In 2003, Russell Crowe found a kitten and gave her to his mom, Cinders part of the family ever since. Sadly, Cinders has passed away.

But her memory lives on in a touching post written by Crowe. In a series of tweets, he frames the tale of meeting Cinders and how he’d already told his mom getting a cat wasn’t a good idea. But, in his story, told as well as any Hollywood blockbuster, we learn how fate intervened with reason.

The Tale of Cinders

Crowe shared his story of Cinders in “a tale in a few tweets.” See sweet Cinders pictured below.


He tweeted of his mom’s wish for a cat, writing, “In early 2003 my mum started agitating for a cat. We have a place in the bush, we get visited by all manner of native birds. I was against the idea. Domestic cats being the notorious enemy of bird life.”

But his mom wasn’t done with the idea. And soon enough Crowe would find out, he wasn’t either.

In his training for the movie Cinderella Man, Crowe and the boxing team that got him into fighting shape for the role often heard Crowe’s mother’s reasoning for why she needed a cat. Crowe tweeted, “My mum kept asking for a cat. In front of all the boxers. I kept saying no.”

They knew he would eventually lose the battle. Luckily, the guys would be there the day Crowe officially lost thanks to destiny.

“I took the bunch of blokes who had been beating me up for their pay check on a mountain bike ride. Deep into the bush.”

The day was going well when one considers a grueling bike ride fun and Crowe took a pause to have some water, steeling himself for the next leg of the ride. But his attention was pulled from the trail.

Crowe and Cat Meet

“Underneath the swirl of sounds I heard something out of place. Was that a meow? I started to look around me. I heard it again. “I took a few steps of the track into the rain forest. Thick with ferns and vines. One more step and then I saw it. A kitten…”

Crowe feared someone has dumped the kitten there as this spot was far from anywhere residential. And seeing the tiny baby? “It was so small. Still warm. Mewing and meowing, it’s instinct telling it that it wasn’t in a safe place. Black and orange and white. I picked it up, gave it a pat.”

And the boxers? They thought the kitten was pretty special too, Crowe writing, “There’s something reassuring in a bunch of big sweaty boxers going crazy over a kitten.”

Bringing Kitten Home to Mom

“We flew down the hill in a tight group and arrived back at my farm together where I presented my mother with this tiny baby kitten. She was floored. So happy.”

And when Angelo asked, “I thought you said no cats?”

Crowe replied, “I replied that I thought this was the universe telling me to respect my mother and give her what she wanted.”

And it seems the son understood what his mother truly needed in that moment and the pair remained together for over 15 years. Crowe tells fans about Cinder, reveling, “She had never grown to be fully trusting of humans, but, she loved my mum and my mum loved her.”

He also said she was “fairly aggressive with dogs and others, but she never scratched me. I took that as gratitude.”

Indeed. Our hearts go out to the Crowe family over the loss of Cinders the cat. Sending you pawsitive vibes!

Feature Image: @russellcrowe/Twitter