Rescue Saves Cat With Sudden Illness Though Family Can’t Afford Treatment

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When Elizabeth Lake Animal Rescue heard there was a sick cat in need in their area, they didn’t hesitate to help. Teddy’s family was having trouble with finances after the family’s breadwinner lost their job when their company closed. With money tight, there were few options for treating Teddy’s sudden, mysterious illness. He was seen at two different animal hospitals, where he recieved blood transfusions and would need surgery to determine the cause of his sickness and treat it.

Photo: Elizabeth Lake Animal Rescue

“Teddy had swallowed a child’s toy, and the owners did not have the funds to pay for the needed surgery. They waited a long time, and had they waited three more days, Teddy would not have survived.

“Now Teddy is vibrant, has gained his weight back and his last exam at the vet pronounced him ‘a very healthy cat.’

“Thanks to’s Rescue Bank program, our rescue has saved hundreds of dollars, which is put toward medical and enables us to help animals like Teddy. We couldn’t do this without Rescue Bank.”

Elizabeth Lake Animal Rescue

Photo: Elizabeth Lake Animal Rescue’s Rescue Bank program made it possible for shelters and rescues to give pets the medical care they need by donating high quality food pets need to thrive. With less money spent on food, more can be spent on medical care and supplies!

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Featured Photo: Elizabeth Lake Animal Rescue/Facebook

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