Ragdoll Cat Is Very Interested In A Parrot

Oh this is just so adorable! When Timo, the Ragdoll cat first met the faux parrot, he had quite a shock because he was woken up from his nap; the parrot had startled him when it squawked. It’s a good thing, Timo is not a nervous kitty, otherwise he might have taken a swipe at that silly old parrot!

Well, we don’t want curiosity killing our cat so to cut the suspense short, Timo decides to challenge him to a one-on-one face-off. I mean he really got close up, deep down with our faux parrot who squawked at him once more. Cracks me up whenever Timo would stop every time the parrot would make a noise! Isn’t he a cutie! 😀

Source: Ragdoll cat meets a “parrot” for the first time by Xiedubbel on Rumble

Timo is a cute and curious cat who is actually quite harmless. He didn’t kill nor eat the parrot, did he? Share this awesome video to others and who knows, they might decide to adopt one at their local rescue center! Now, you go tell them, it’s gonna be worth it. 🙂

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