Quarantine Cat Film Fest: Raising Money Through Cat Videos

To say cats are entertaining is an understatement. Some of the best and most-watched videos on the internet star felines simply being feline. And thanks to coronavirus quarantines, many of us have plenty of time to spare. And watching cat videos has been a great way to pass the hours.

Owner of the Row House Cinema in Pittsburgh, Brian Mendelssohn and his wife were inspired by this thought.

Watching their cats, Oliver and Isabella, at play, Brian’s wife suggested an idea that coupled watching cat videos and helping independent theaters affected by shutdowns. From the thought, Brian formed The Quarantine Cat Film Fest as a way to help engage people while they’re at home as well as raise funds for independent cinemas.

Independent Cinemas Need Your Cat Videos

Joining with almost 40 other theater owners, Brian has put out a call for submissions, seeking video of your cats! Selected videos will be featured and eligible for prizes in one of four categories: Cutest, Funniest, Bravest, and Most Loving. A Best of Show will also be awarded.

Brian promises, “This 70-minute long compilation will be the most purr-fect, a-meow-zing, and totally fur-tastic cat videos anyone has ever seen!”

Already, more than 200 cat lovers have submitted footage of their felines. “Some of these videos are amazing; it’s going to take a tremendous amount of editing,” Brian told USA Today.

But don’t worry, the wait for the film won’t be long.

Set to release June 19, The Quarantine Cat Film Fest tickets are available at virtual cinemas across the country. The cinema house through which the film is purchased will receive half the net proceeds of ticket sales. Brian said the goal is to still connect with “our audience when theaters are closed, while raising desperately needed money.”

“It’s perfect. Everyone is home, stuck with their cats, and people want to help out movie theaters,” Brian said.

Like many businesses struggling to pay the bills, cinemas depend on their audiences. A streaming cat film is a great way for independent cinema fans to help keep theaters alive. “With your help, we are hoping cats will help to save independent movie theaters through this unprecedented quarantine.”

“The magic of cinema is unexplainable and only can be experienced in a full theater, laughing with everyone, crying with everyone and talking about the movie afterwards,” explained Brian. “That will never be replaced.”

But in a time when we can’t gather together to share the cinema, cats help to fill the void while helping raise funds for independent theaters. Visit The Quarantine Cat Film Fest’s website to find out how to submit your cat videos and where to watch the film starting June 19.

H//T: www.usatoday.com

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