Sweet Goodbye COCOON Eco-friendly Soft Pet Casket – Burial & Cremation Ceremony Kit

Saying farewell to your best friend is the hardest thing to do. We have partnered with Sweet Goodbye Pet Burial & Cremation Ceremony Kit to help ease that parting, providing comfort at a very difficult time. You’ll be able to say goodbye in a personal, respectful and dignified ceremony that honors your beloved friend.

The Sweet Goodbye COCOON® is a soft, beautifully designed, handmade, premium shroud with a thick, protective cotton layer. It keeps your beloved pets safe and snug so they can be carefully transported and laid with love in their final resting place. The COCOON is suitable for all sizes & breeds of cats.

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o   BEAUTIFUL & RESPECTFUL - handmade (with love) soft and colorful shroud with natural cotton layers to keep your beloved pet wrapped up safe and snug

o   ECO-FRIENDLY - made from natural, biodegradable materials. A softer option compared with a hard box pet casket.
o   JUST FOR YOUR CAT - comes in sizes suitable for all breeds and 9 attractive color options to make it more personalized for your beloved cat
o   PERSONALIZED CEREMONY - use the Ceremony Guide, garland & memorial marker to create your own special farewell ceremony, full of love and dignity
o   EASY LIFTING & TRANSPORT - built-in handles make lifting and carrying safe and easy for you
o   WOOL OPTION – also available in premium wool with 9 more beautiful colors from which to choose
o   5-STAR REVIEWS – take comfort from verified customer reviews
o   10% DISCOUNT – if you order by October 7, 2022. Use code: IHEARTCATS10