Second Chance Movement™ Pin – The Key To Giving Shelter Pets a Second Chance At Life


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Countless healthy, loving, adoptable shelter pets are euthanized every year due to overcrowding and underfunding.

We believe these animals deserve a second chance!

Plenty of shelters throughout America have more demand for pets than they have animals, yet in other parts of the country there are shelters overrun with animals and not enough funding to keep them alive.

These are adoptable animals with many years of love to share with potential owners, yet their lives are ended before they get a chance at a family.

We’ve partnered with to donate travel miles for every product in the Second Chance Movement collection to charities that facilitate the transportation of adoptable pets from areas of low-demand to areas of high-demand. Many of these innocent pets are on death row and would have been put to sleep in just a few days if they were not rescued.

Every Second Chance Movement purchase provides travel miles that contribute to the transportation of animals from overcrowded shelters to areas where there is high demand for pets.


Pin measures 2″ length x 3/4″ width.

Material: zinc alloy with matte gold plating.

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This Product Provides 2 Miles of Transport
From High Risk Shelters to Safety -
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Amazing and outstanding By: Mark


Love it. Thanks. By: Martha E


Really lovely By: Naomi


awesome! By: john


Proud to wear these pins and support the second chance operation. It's a nice little pin and I get questioned what does it represent. By: Elizabeth


I will wear proudly on my leather motorcycle vest! I have 8 rescue cats! By: Curtis


No comment entered by customer. By: Amber


Glad to help move the animals By: David


Perfect! My son wears it on his guitar strap. Love the representation of it. ?? By: Dalyla


No comment entered by customer. By: Jordan


??Love and wear daily!!!!! ?Thank You!!!!! By: Ana


cute item. By: Gail


This is so cool, and is very sturdy and well made. Love it! By: Robin


Beautiful pin. Glad to support our beautiful animals! By: dana


Well made and solid. I ordered this for my motorcycle club vest for a cat that passed away this year By: Keith


Good pin, nice, robust and heartwarming :) By: Stanislav


No comment entered by customer. By: Robert


Husband loved this high quality pin! By: Christa


No comment entered by customer. By: Jerek


Great product. Made out of good metal. For a great cause. By: Nicholas


Perfect and well made! By: Sherry


Nice pin! I wear it proudly! By: Walter


Shelter-cats aiding, nice item. FAST delivery. By: Randall

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