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Imagine with us the following scenario:

You’ve made the big decision to adopt a pet. Excited by your decision, you walk into your local animal shelter. The first thing you notice, even before you enter the building, is the noise. The incessant barking of panicked animals sounds horribly ominous, but you decide to keep going.

Once you enter, the surprises keep coming. You realize the building you’ve entered is really just an old converted garage. Expecting to find neat rows of cats, you’re shocked by the sheer number of small crates stacked on top of one another. 

You begin walking by each animal. Most of them are extremely anxious. In fact, some even appear to be aggressive. You begin to question your decision. Am I ready for this you ask? Are any of these cats going to make a good pet? Discouraged, you decide that you need to think about your decision, and you leave.

Tragically, the above story is all too real, and happens at hundreds of shelters across the country on a daily basis.

Animal shelters are often woefully underfunded, under-resourced, understaffed. It’s not their fault. They need our help.

At iHeartCats we’re passionate about providing shelter cats with full bellies and forever homes. So we’ve partnered with an organization called RescueRebuild for their largest project yet, rebuilding Liberty Humane Society in Jersey City.

LHS was built out of necessity after the city dropped its existing Humane Society when it uncovered abuse and neglect.

The only space Jersey City could provide was a converted garage, which LHS has made into a decent space for cats, but is entirely unacceptable for dogs. The dog area uses smaller stacked cages, and most dogs taken in by the group are large bully breeds. (see this video to view the shelter)

To help, shop our entire collection or donate directly to the cause here.


Length: 5″
Width: 1″ with 1″ diameter ring attachment

Material: Cotton/Polyester

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