Project Play™ Floral Teal Cat Scratcher


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Does your cat scratch up your furniture, but you don’t have room for a cat tree? Or maybe you want something more subtle, to blend in with your current decor. This hanging scratcher is perfect for you!

  • Made of premium-grade fabrics and materials.
  • Double-stitched seams
  • Hangs over any style door knob

Best of all, every toy purchased provides one toy for a shelter cat!

Cat Scratcher measures  5.5″ wide x 20.5″ height

Material: Polyurethane faux leather



Did you know that when someone is considering adopting from a shelter, a cat’s perceived playfulness is one of the top 3 most important factors?

However, what happens when a cat is locked up in a kennel all day? They’re bored and they’re scared. This leads to anxiety, which can even manifest itself as aggression. Long story short, lonely, bored cats are not adopted at high rates, and as a result, many are euthanized.

Knowing how important playfulness is to potential adoptees, we asked ourselves how can we increase adoption at the shelters we already provide food for? We talked to shelter workers and they told us about the need for high quality, durable toys for the cats.

When shelter cats are seen playing with toys, adoption rates skyrocket!

Adoptees begin to imagine playing with the cat in their home. They imagine their children enjoying the company of their new pet. In a nutshell, play changes everything!

Knowing this, we got to work, and came up with Project Play. For every toy you purchase for your cat, a toy will be donated to a shelter cat in need. Whether it be a scratcher, or a simple catnip toy,  it’ll be a high quality, durable toy that’s perfect for cats at most shelters.

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Cat hasn't used it yet. By: LORRAINE


Perfect! By: Karen


I love this and it will help protect my wall and door trim. My cat hasn't quite got the hang of it yet, but I am sure she will soon. By: Laurie

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