Precious Kitten Falls Asleep While Sitting Up Right!

| Published on February 9, 2015

You may not know this, so I’m going to let you in on a little secret… It’s really hard being a kitten! I know, that sounds crazy but just hear me out!
Kittens are constantly being doted upon. From the time they wake up to the time they go to bed, they’re being loved on and played with. Speaking of playing, that’s not easy to do either! They’re learning what’s appropriate and what’s not, and which toy has the best catnip in it. These are life-changing play times, people! There are lessons to be learned! And eating! Whew, don’t even get me started on eating. Do you know just how yummy their cat food is? Ask any cat, he’ll tell you! It’s like heaven in your mouth. Kitties have to learn how to eat without passing out from heavenly joy that is wet food!
Unfortunately, the kitty in this next video still hasn’t figured that one out yet. After taking some delicious bites, he wanders off for a short break… only to fall asleep while sitting up! Like I said, being a kitten isn’t easy. It’s hard being THAT cute, but someone has to do it! ☺

Oopsie daisy! But, seriously… how cute was that?! SO CUTE!
Next time you look at your cat and think, “Man, he has such a good life” just remember, it’s not as easy as you think! 😉