New York Residents Defend Local Bodega Cat From Angry Yelp Reviewer

New York City – the center of the universe. There are many things found in New York City that don’t exist anywhere else in the world and some things are quite popular everywhere, but still seem better in NYC. one of those things is bodega cats. A bodega cat is simply a cat that hangs out in a local bodega, saying hello to hungry customers and keeping rats and mice away from the establishment.

One such resident, PEOPLE reports, seems to have little knowledge of the beloved bodega cat. Recently, said women posted a negative Yelp review on a local bodega. She left them one star and a complaint that was solely to do with the resident feline, Star.

“I’ve ordered from SK before and the sandwiches are pretty good,” the woman writes in the review. “Today, however, I decided to stop in and grab a sandwich. To my dismay — there was a cat, perched upon some cases of Budweiser in the middle of the store!! Besides being allergic to cats, I wonder what the health code says about this?”

Unfortunately for her, she was met with the wrath of bodega cat lovers across the city. Some were kind, but others were quite angry that she would be so dismissive of the kitty.

Yung Sussio, the owner of the bodega and Star, says that people come in just to see Star sometimes without even ordering food. To Sussio, that’s worth the $400 fine that might come from having a cat in the store. Thankfully, it seems like Star is around to stay and the locals are there to make sure of it!

Written by Katie Finlay
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