Most Cats Love Boxes – This One Prefers A Bucket!

Cats love boxes. There’s definitely no doubt about that. No matter how small the box is, they will always try to fit themselves in it. One particular cat who loves boxes so much is Maru. Maru just loves boxes. In almost every video that Maru’s owner posts in YouTube, Maru is always in box!

The cat in the video below is a little different. Well it appears that this cat prefers a bucket instead of a box (or at least that we figured from this video). This cat’s name is Tyatora or Chatora (you can use both). And Chatora just loves relaxing in his bucket. Watch he video below and see Chatora relaxing in a bucket with a piece of cloth on his head!

LOL! It’s like he’s in a spa or something! What a cute cat you are, Chatora!

How about your cat? Does he/she cat have other favorite things other than boxes? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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Written by Nicolette Mansueto
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