Miko The Cat Returned Home For Christmas…After Missing For 7 Years!

If you’ve been on the fence about whether or not to microchip your cat, this story may finally push you over the edge. In 2008, a German family was devastated when their beloved family cat, Miko, went missing. Elana Hanke (who was 11 years old at the time) and her family searched all over, but Miko was never found. They did as any family would be forced to do in such a situation– they grieved the loss of their friend and moved on with their lives.

They got an unusual gift on Christmas Day. Seven years after going missing, Miko was found in the Kreuzenberg neighborhood of Berlin– only a few kilometers from where his family used to live! He was taken to an animal refuge, where workers were able to identify him by his microchip. As you can imagine, his family was shocked and thrilled that he was alive and able to find his way back home! Elena, now 18 years old, made the trip to the refuge with her father and sister, where they were reunited with their dear friend Miko. They found him to be thin but otherwise healthy.

catvia Twitter

We wish we could hear the stories of Miko’s 7 years of adventure, but we’ll settle for knowing that this little man has been reunited with his ecstatic family and that he’ll surely be showered with love and comfort for the rest of his days.

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