Meet 8 Cats Who Hold Guinness World Records!


Cats impress us just by being their tricky, talented selves. Then, there are exceptionally talented, record-breaking felines that are basically superheroes in disguise!

From longevity, to stature, to physical abilities, these eight kitties are or were the world’s best when it comes to their unique gifts.

1. Stewie was the longest domestic cat in history. Is it any surprise that this 48.5 inch long cat is a Maine Coon?

Courtesy of Guinness World Records

2.  Lilieput is the shortest living domestic cat.  This tiny kitty is under a half a foot tall, measuring 5.25 inches high.

Courtesy of Guinness World Records

3. Hercules is the biggest (heaviest) living cat.  This giant is a liger (lion/tiger hybrid) weighing 922 pounds and 131 inches long, standing 49 inches tall at the shoulder.

Courtesy of Guinness World Records.

4. Merlin is the loudest purring domestic cat, and has a purr that measures 67.8 decibels. In an article posted on the Guinness World Records Website, owner Tracy Westwood said that she has to turn up the volume when she’s watching TV and the content cat starts purring.

5. The world’s richest cat was Blackie, whose antiques-dealing owner, Ben Rea, left him $12.5 million, according to Guinness World Records. What would a cat would do with all that money? Who knows. However, Rea also donated large portions of his fortune to three cat-based charities. And who will Blackie bestow his fortune to?

(Note: the picture below is not an actual picture of Blackie, although he was, unsurprisingly, a black cat.)

Courtesy of Shutterfly

6. Alley performed the longest jump by a cat, leaping a distance of six feet. Looks like she epitomizes the phrase, “cat-like reflexes!”

cat jump
Courtesy of Guinness World Records.

7. Corduroy is the oldest living cat. This frisky kitty is still purring at the ripe old age of 26! Born in August of 1989you can follow this oldie but goodie on Instagram: @oldestlivingcat, and see how he stays frisky.

8. And Creme Puff was oldest cat ever. If you’re impressed by Corduroy’s longevity, get this: Creme Puff died at the ripe old age of 38, living from August 1967 to August 2005 (maybe August is a lucky month for aging gracefully?). Check her out, along with some of her competitors:

Does your cat have a special attribute that sets him or her apart from the rest? Tell us!


Written by Karen Harris

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