Man Stops To Rescue One Orphaned Kitten And Gets Ambushed By 12 More

Kittens are cute. This fact is well known. But are you aware that kittens use their adorability as a manipulation tactic? It’s true, and this tale of kitten ambush serves as a warning…when you see one cute kitten, there are more lurking, waiting to pounce on you with whiskers and purrs. You will become powerless to their attack and fall willingly under their sway.

Just ask Robert Brantley. He’s lived it firsthand. In an effort to rescue one tiny kitten on the roadside, he was swarmed and taken hostage by a squadron of 13 precious little angels! And judging by the smiles and cute kitten videos on his social media pages, he’s quite happy to be a surprise cat dad. Mission complete, well done, fuzzy ones!


Stopping for a Single Rescue

The ambush fell upon Robert as he was heading from work to the shooting range. As a long-distance shooter for team GA Precision, going to the range is a regular occurrence. But on this particular day, the kittens had him in their sights. Lucky for us, Robert caught the whole encounter on video.

As Robert rolled along in his truck, he spied a tabby kitten on the roadside. Tiny, dirty, and vulnerable, Robert couldn’t leave the baby to fend for itself, so he stopped to pick it up. His wife had wanted a cat, so this was a purrfect surprise. But it seems this kitten was a well-placed tabby scout, just waiting for a victim to claim in their furry clutches.

Focused on the tabby who marched onto the road to meet him, Robert had no idea what waited in the roadside wilds.


As Robert glanced back at the grass, he saw all the eyes upon him. And to his cry of disbelief, the stillness broke, and the ambush began! In a bounding fury, the kittens came dashing from the grass to surround him. Swarming his ankles, they cried victory at claiming their prize. And just when the onslaught seemed to finish, one more white kitten hopped from the grass.

“I thought I was saving one,” said Robert, stunned by the adorable horde at his feet. “Hot diggity dog.”


“We got a kitten problem.”

Into the Truck Everybody

Loading thirteen kittens into a car when you have nothing to contain them quickly becomes an exercise in futility, and as Robert shared, “I couldn’t keep up with them as I would throw one in and 2 would jump out.”


“So I had to close the door with the window down and funnel ‘em in. That would have been good footage actually.”

But he accomplished the mission and got everyone home safely!

Now, the ambushing horde of 13 has been bathed, brushed, and settled into comfy beds. And Robert and his family are thankful for the help offered, telling followers, “Thank you to all that reached out to give advice and help with supplies. Y’all are as much of a part of this as us!”


“We’ve got some more things planned for these babies so stay tuned.”

Keep up with the clever little clowder and their adorable antics on Facebook and Instagram.

Feature Image: Robert Brantley/Facebook

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