Mama Cat & Rebellious Kitten Adorably Argue Over Feeding Time


There’s a black sheep in every family. In this case, that black sheep happens to be a tabby kitten. While the other kittens happily obey their mother, Tabby insists on being difficult.

Any parent who has experienced the joy of wrangling multiple children at once can relate to this poor mama cat’s plight!

Although there’s no way to know for sure what they are saying, having been a rebellious child myself, I feel I can interpret the exchange with some accuracy:

Mama Cat: Honey, it’s time for dinner.

Tabby: Leave me alone. I’m not hungry.

Mama Cat: But you have to drink your kitten milk so you can grow up big and strong.

Tabby: I said I’m not hungry! Gahd!

Mama Cat: Get over here right now, missy!

Tabby: Quit telling me how to run my life!

Mama Cat: Fine!…sniffle…I give up…sniffle…just starve yourself if you want to!

Tabby: Okay! Okay! I’m coming! Jeez!

Mama Cat: (Laughs inwardly at the success of her sneaky guilt trip)

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