Mama Cat Lends Kitten A Helping Paw

I’ve heard before that cats don’t communicate with each other by meowing – that it’s reserved for communicating with humans. I think this video shared by Imgur user thund3rbolt proves otherwise.

When the larger cat comes around, you can almost hear the kitten meow the word: “PLEEEEAAAASE?” as he opens his mouth in a big meow! Thund3rbolt suggests that the cat may even be saying “Mooooooom… can you get my toy for me?”, which makes perfect sense, the way the larger cat responds. The kitten wants the blue feathery ball, and lets the larger cat know exactly what he wants from the counter.

Mom! Mooom …Can you get my toy for me?

To be fair, a lot of the communication may have been done with those big kitten eyes! Who needs meowing when you’ve got eyes like that? Either way, it got the point across and mama cat totally understood.

Written by Adriana Sandoval
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