Lonely Kitten Chooses Loving Foster Dog As Her Mama

Martha may be a young kitten, but when she makes up her little mind, oh, it’s made! But don’t think this tabby kitten is a diva. Martha, also known by her nickname Marty, is actually one sweet girl. She loves snuggling with her foster family and her adoptive mom, who just happens to be a dog. And Martha was the one to insist Mama Nood the dog be hers!

So, how did this tiny tabby fluff come to claim a dog as her mom? The journey toward this heart-to-heart connection started when Marty was found on the Ontario, Canada streets at only four weeks old. The kind-hearted people looked for her mom and litter, but Marty’s family couldn’t be found.

She was all alone, so her rescuers reached out to Salty Animal Rescue for help.


Tabby Baby All Alone

Sisters and co-founders of Salty Animal Rescue, Karly and Katelyn Saltarski, took the little one in right away, giving her the warmth and care she needed. Off the streets, Marty was safe and sound in a foster home.

As the rescue shared on Instagram, “This little girl is full of spunk and is the funniest little potato. She rarely complains and loves to play.”


But she was still a kitten without a kitty mom and siblings, both two important influences to help a baby learn the rules of catting. The Salty fosters hoped to introduce Marty to momma cat Flay and her litter of little ones named after famous chefs. When the time came for everyone to meet, Mama Flay had no problem taking on another hungry kitten and “flopped right down wanting to feed her.”

One of the kittens was “smitten” with the new addition, but Marty was confused, running over to her foster dad, wanting to go back to her own room.

“She really didn’t want much to do with Flay or any of the other kittens.”

But that didn’t mean her foster family would give up trying. Sometimes kitties just need time to warm up to new ideas. Or they already have another plan in mind.


Mama Nood is the Kitten Mama

It soon became clear why Marty didn’t want to join in with Flay and the kittens, with Salty Animal Rescue sharing, “We think the main reason Marty Mouse isn’t so enthusiastic about interacting with Flay and her little chefs, is because according to her, she’s already found her temporary family!”


That family wasn’t feline, but canine instead! Mama Nood is part of the foster-based rescue family, carrying the title of “resident dog/professional kitten cuddler.” When this darling dog trotted over to investigate Marty’s meows, a connection was made. Marty took to Nood instantly, wanting to be wherever her long-legged friend went! And while Marty still spends time with Flay and the kittens, learning the language of feline, it’s Nood she runs to in the end!


“It may be that little Marty prefers to be raised by wolves, than those of her own kind. We can’t complain because these guys make the cutest, sweetest little foster family and Marty could not be happier.”

And isn’t a happy kitten the best thing ever? We think so!

H/T: www.lovemeow.com
Feature Image: @saltyanimalrescue/Instagram

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