Locals Band Together On Social Media To Provide Medical Help For Friendly Stray Cat

An outdoor food park in San Antonio, Texas has an unlikely resident. A peculiar-looking feline has made himself comfortable among the locals that frequent the park/bar area, saying “hello” and asking for a snack here and there. One Reddit user decided to share the cute kitty online and was surprised to find out how many people he’d made friends with.

Image source: Reddit | suey22


The kitty certainly has a special pair of eyes and those that know him in person agreed he needed a little TLC. “After some discussion, it came out that he had an injury on his tail, and several concerned Redditors suggested getting this little guy to a vet for a checkup and neuter surgery,” Reddit user iamkmi said.

Image source: Reddit | iamkmi


User iamkmi offered to take the cat, who’s called Alfred by the staff at the outdoor food park, to the veterinarian for a check-up on his tail, a neuter, and some vaccines. When Alfred’s fans came together, they collected $255 to take care of everything.

Image source: Reddit | iamkmi


One Thursday afternoon, iamkmi went over to pick Alfred up. “He was a little startled at first, but came over pretty quickly after I called to him,” says iamkmi.

He gave Alfred a few pets and offered some delicious canned food, which was eaten appreciatively. User iamkmi kept moving the can further and further into a nice, soft carrier and was able to zip Alfred inside.

Image source: Reddit | iamkmi


Despite being nervous, Love Meow reports that he did a great job during the car ride. When iamkmi arrived at the veterinarian’s office, he had forgotten the name that the food park staff had given Alfred, so he offered the name Creampuff. Both names are perfectly suitable, we think!

Image source: The Block SA


Creampuff, or Alfred, spent the night at the animal hospital to prepare for his neuter the next day. He recovered nicely from his neuter and received a rabies vaccine, then went on his way home to the food park.

After his check-up, this cat was glad to return to the great outdoors. Although he prefers the freedom of living outside, he certainly has a great fan base, and he’s happier and healthier than ever! We’re glad that he has so many human friends to keep an eye on him.

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