Little Lost Kitten ‘Knocks’ on Fire Station Window to Get Help from Firefighters

Written by: Clarisse Jelle
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| Published on June 14, 2024

A stray kitten found a safe and loving home at the Sacramento Fire Department after being rescued from a very tall palm tree. This little kitten had climbed up 90 feet and couldn’t get back down. Her cries for help were heard by people passing by, who called the fire department. The firefighters, who are used to fighting fires, now had to rescue a kitten. Captain Shaun Rainsbarger explained how the kitten was stuck on a palm frond, looking very helpless.

Determined to help, Captain Rainsbarger climbed the tall tree. “It was just one of those strange things,” he said about the unusual rescue. His calmness and skill helped him reach the kitten safely. Once on the ground, the kitten was named “Palm” because of her adventure in the palm tree. Thankfully, she was healthy despite her ordeal, which made everyone very happy. Palm quickly became a favorite at the fire station. Her playful and loving nature brought smiles and joy to everyone.

Captain Rainsbarger felt a special bond with Palm. “It was almost like she knew we saved her,” he said, noting the strong connection that formed between them. As time went on, the fire station became Palm’s new home. She adapted easily, and her curious and playful nature made her a beloved member of the team. Her favorite spot was a cat bed on top of a filing cabinet, showing how she had gone from a scared kitten to a cherished mascot.

Palm’s story shows the kindness of the Sacramento Fire Department and how animals can positively affect our lives. Captain Rainsbarger said, “Having an animal in the station has been really positive for the crew,” showing how Palm’s presence brought comfort and camaraderie. The rescue and Palm’s new life at the fire station demonstrate how animals can unexpectedly enter our lives and leave lasting marks. Her story is one of rescue, healing, and companionship, highlighting the power of kindness and care.

Captain Rainsbarger shared that rescuing Palm and giving her a home brought a new dimension to their work and personal lives. The firehouse, known for bravery, now also symbolizes compassion for an unexpected guest – a tiny, adventurous kitten. Palm’s journey from a tall palm tree to the heart of the Sacramento Fire Department is a reminder of the surprising connections that enrich our lives. Her story shows the amazing bonds that form when compassion is at the forefront.


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