Listen To This Mama Cat Talking To Her Kittens!

Have you ever heard your cat talking to her kittens? Well we found this video of a sweet mama cat talking to her precious babies and it just melted our hearts!

This mama cat named Kitty Cate talks to her kittens in the sweetest voice. And her kittens respond to her too! According to the video description on YouTube, Kitty Cate is a patient, loving, and dedicated mama cat. She and her babies get a little chatty sometimes, and this shows that she has great rapport with them. Luckily for us, their conversations were caught on video, so we get to listen to them! Check out the video below!

Here’s Kitty Cate talking her to babies when they were just a few weeks old:

Even when her kittens got a little older, she still talks to them. Here’s another video:

Kitty Cate talks in a soft voice to her babies! Wasn’t that the sweetest?

FYI, these cats were fosters during the filming of the video. Now they all have loving forever homes!

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Written by Nicolette Mansueto
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