Kitty Therapy? It Will Definitely Wash All Of Your Troubles Away!


For all of us feline lovers, we always find our cat’s presence and affection very healing. They always bring a warm embrace and snuggle you even after the worst of days, and you cannot help but smile and stroke them. Some cats can even sense a human’s depression/sadness, and will come to their side whenever it is needed. It is so amazing and therapeutic to have a cat, or cats in your household.

This man in the video below is lucky enough to have the love, affection and the healing touch of TEN rescue cats! I can imagine how it would be hard not to smile and enjoy yourself when you plop down on the couch and have a posse of ten furry, cuddly & cute animal friends right there with you. Chris, the human in this video & the dad of Cole and Marmalade the YouTube kitties stated, “Cats really are the best medicine! … I recently visited The Cat House on the Kings, a non profit sanctuary in California that is home to over 700 rescued cats.” He added, “The Cat House on the Kings provides a great home for all of their residents and do so much more to help stop pet overpopulation, in the last two years they spent $250,000 spaying and neutering community cats and dogs!” These animals are very lucky to have a safe place to be taken care of.

Nothing better than coming home after a hard days work and relaxing on the couch with your ten favorite pals. How many kitties do you own? Share with us in the comments!

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