Kitty Practices Being Human While Watching TV With His Owner


Some cats love to sit back and watch a nice television show or movie on Netflix. Some of them like to sit at a distance and quietly observe all of the different movement passing by on the screen, some like to sit up very close in case they need to swat at anything, and some simply just like to sit in their owners lap and enjoy the show.

According to Dr. Jillian Orlando, DVM, an animal behaviorist at the North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine, “Television watching cats may have a higher prey drive, and are more likely to be attracted to the quick movements of objects across the screen”, the exact reason why some cats will go for some of the movement on the screen as if it were real!

This kitty really knows how to unwind with it’s owner, watching this documentary on aliens is his favorite thing to do on the weekends!

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