Kitten Hit With An Unexpected Urge To Snooze


Being a kitten is tons of hard work. There is so much to do! Between chasing their buddies, filling their tummy, climbing up to high places and playing with all of their awesome toys, a little animal needs its rest. The funny part about kittens is that they don’t really know when to expect their next nap, it just shows up!

These two friends are on such a different schedule. The first little guy is in the mood to play and have fun while the other is ready to snuggle up for nap time. What a precious moment to catch on camera, she really had no idea she was falling asleep!

Is this cute kitten just super tired, or is he hypnotized by his friend’s playing?

Posted by Funny Cat Videos on Sunday, November 22, 2015

Does nap time ever hit you like it did this tiny kitten?

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