Kitten Doll Helps Grieving Mama Cat Heal Her Aching Heart

When cat mom Isabel saw her cat grieving the loss of her only kitten, she had to do something to help her. Isabel’s tabby cat, Hazel, recently had a kitten, but, as Isabel shared on TikTok, “the baby ended up passing away.”

Hazel was so sad after her kitten died, Isabel tried to think of anything she could try to ease her cat’s suffering. Her love for her dear, fluffy cat led Isabel to an idea that would help her grieving kitty in ways she never expected.

“She would stay up all night crying and looking for her baby so I decided to make a pretend baby for her.”


A Kitten Doll for Comfort

Isabel revealed her process on TikTok, showing how she made the kitten doll for Hazel to cuddle when her heart was aching.

From white cloth, perhaps an old t-shirt, Isabel cut out a kitten-shaped pattern, which she then decorated to look like a cute kitty, complete with a belly drawn on. She stitched the pieces together and gifted the cute kitten doll to Hazel.


Isabel’s thoughts on the doll?

“I didn’t think she would care about it.”

But Hazel cared about her kitten doll very much!


The sweet tabby would settle in with her doll tucked under her paw, hugging it tightly as if her lost kitten were right there with her. Hazel kept her kitten doll nearby everywhere she went.

“I truly would do anything for her,” Isabel shared. “I didn’t expect for this to go so well.”

As for views, the video went well too. Over 13 million views and 3.8 million likes. Oh, and let’s not forget, the video of Hazel with her doll was shared over 150k times!

Comfort Leads to Fun

Isabel shared an update on TikTok, showing Hazel happily playing with her kitten doll. Once a nap buddy, now the handmade doll had become a fun toy to bite, toss, and bat about for a good time.

Of her TikTok friends, Isabel asked, “I think she likes it. What should we name this lil guy?”


Replies included Solace, Remedy, and Stuffy, but Angel seemed to be the fan-favorite for the name of the little doll that gave a grieving mother cat comfort in her sadness. A further update reveals Hazel still loves to play and snuggle with the doll her mom made just for her paws!

Feature Image: @isabel.gracez/TikTok

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