Jennifer Garner’s Cat “Poops His Pants” & His Bath Delights Twitter Users

Jennifer Garner is a darling. The 13 Going on 30 star is just one of those people everyone would love to have as a friend. She’s charming, talented, intelligent, and she loves cats!

While she’s an A-list celebrity, Garner doesn’t mind digging her hands in and getting dirty when it comes to her kitties. For instance, when her big boy Moose “befouled” himself, the dedicated cat mom pulled on her gloves, put her stinky feline in the sink, and bathed him herself. Complete with silly singing and a cat trying to make a break for it, the video of the bath has enchanted us all, with a thread on Twitter expressing everything we’re feeling about Garner and Moose!


Befouled with Poopy Pants

As Garner removes Moose’s collar, she tells viewers, “Something has gone awry.”

Covering Moose’s ears to spare his dignity, Garner reports, “Moose pooped his pants.”

Poor Moose has what Garner called an “obesity problem,” and for these large cats, things can get undignified in a hurry as they sometimes can’t groom away any, ahem, kitty poos as it can be a little harder to reach some spots. Couple in the fact Moose has long fur, and it’s no surprise this boy needed a little help getting clean. It happens to the best of kitties, and we, as their parents, will happily dive gloved hands in and help when our purr children need it.


Moose seemed to enjoy his bath at first, even singing a chorus of the Muffin Man. But once his mom starts getting a little purrsonal, Moose tries to bail, leaving Garner to scramble in a dance familiar to cat people. From that first escape attempt on, the rest of the bath devolves into hilarious chaos, and Garner survives with only one wound to the throat. A definite win when bathing cats.

But, uh oh…

At the very end of the video, Garner realizes, “We didn’t get to do conditioner.”

Oh well, another day, perhaps.


Twitter Responds To A Poopy Cat & His Totally Relatable Celebrity Mom

User @isa_alcantara kicked off the best thread of tweets related to Garner’s pooping cat when admitting to a hefty interest in the video of Moose getting a bath.

That about sums it up!


Hard agree! Watching Garner’s cat troubles makes her even more endearing!

Celebrities are just like us, right down to the towel scoot.

Celebrity cats have real-world cat problems too!

When you’re in deep with cats, there’s no going back, only making it through without needing stitches!

A moment of thrilling cinema with Garner doing her own stunts!

What’s a tough mission featuring Jennifer Garner without a reference to Alias

Right!?! She’s too cute!

And one Twitter user offered this thought to remember!

Check out Jennifer Garner’s original poopy pants post. Then, check out these 15 Tips For Bathing Your Cat!

Feature Image: @jennifer.garner/Instagram

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