House Cat In California Repeatedly Gets Mistaken For A Bobcat


For anyone who has ever had the pleasure of seeing a Maine Coon in person, you can admit that it’s probably one of the largest domesticated cats you’ve ever seen. (Hint: that’s because they actually are!) But, it seems that there is one Maine Coon living in San Jose, California that’s so large, in fact, people mistake him for a bobcat!

Spock the cat tips the scale at an impressive 27 pounds, consumes 1 pound of food per day, and even stretches out to a whopping 4 feet long. I have a Maine Coon myself, which many of you know, but that’s definitely impressive! The best thing my cat has ever been mistaken for is a real-life Garfield.

It seems that Spock is quite the handful, according to his owner, Colleen Pisarev.

To have a pet like Spock requires a lot of patience. He refuses to be alone, so he will open closed doors. He watches YouTube videos to help him fall asleep and he tends to break just about anything in his path.

Because of his bobcat-like looks and startling reactions he’s given the neighbors, there have been several calls made by local residents to Animal Control, reporting a “wild cat” being held captive inside the residence.

“I know Colleen has been approached on several occasions with people making a claim that she’s got a wild animal in here,” neighbor Terry Reilly said.

One pound of food per day?? Spock sure does have the appetite of a wild cat! Share this cool cat with your feline-loving friends!

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