Firefigher Saves Cat From Burning House And Doesn’t Stop There

After 49 years, a man stood and watched as the home he raised his family in went up in flames.
On a bitter cold morning in Lexington Kentucky, Verdis Pennington, the homeowner, is just thankful that everyone got out safely. It was first reported that he, his wife and grandchildren all made it out without harm and at least 5 of his 10 dogs had been accounted for as well. One of his cats, Prissy, escaped the fire too and was quickly comforted by a firefighter named AJ Johnson. AJ held sweet little Prissy and put on a pet oxygen mask to help counteract the effects of smoke inhalation.
“Thank God everybody got out; nobody got hurt,” Verdis Pennginton said. “I just appreciate everything everybody has done. I thank God for the fire department. They have a hard job; they do a good job.”
A cameraman was able to capture the tender moments when Prissy was being tended to by her hero firefighter…




We’re so thankful that everyone got out safely! Bravo to the brave firemen who not only helped the family, but cared for Prissy the cat. Those photos gave us ALL the feels <3

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Written by Courtney VanSickle
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