Drew Barrymore’s Cat & Bearded Dragon Cuddle Up In Cutest Instagram Post

When one thinks of cats and lizards, it’s not usually friendship that comes to mind. But Drew Barrymore’s cat and bearded dragon are showing the world that fur and scales can be a purrfect match. In fact, this pair of cuties look to be the best of buds.

In a recent post on Instagram, the Never Been Kissed star shared a gallery of snaps showing the joys of cuddle time with her four-legged family members. And it’s the pictures of cat Lucky and lizard Jeremy that reveal even the most unlikely match-ups can be friends!


Scales + Fur = Best Buds Furever

An all-around talent and known animal lover, Drew Barrymore is mom to cats Peach, Fern, and Lucky, as well as two dogs named Douglas and Lucy. And let us not forget; there’s also bearded dragon Jeremy. When she shares glimpses of the furry and four-legged kids that fill her heart on Instagram, her fans love it.

So being the kind-hearted soul she is, in one of her most recent #SundayBuffet posts, Barrymore treated the social world to multiple photos of cuddle time with her cuties, sporting the caption, “Sunday Snuggle Buffet.” The six photos feature snuggles with Lucky, Douglas, and Jeremy.


And Jeremy and Lucky are stealing hearts with shots showing the two in full snuggle mode!


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In older posts on Instagram, Barrymore has shared cuddly moments with some of her furry ones, and this one shows dog Douglas providing his talk show host mom a “Dougie Snuggie.”


Here’s another pic of Barrymore getting comfort from Lucky while she was sick in bed. Like all cat lovers, she knows cats give the best Get Well Soon snuggles! Well, when it’s their idea anyway!


Then there’s the post in which she introduces kittens Lucky, Fern, and Peach, the caption reading, “If you can believe, my daughters and I went to rescue a cat and came home with three kittens in need.”


In another, she shared the story of Douglas’ adoption and encouraged others to rescue, adopt, and donate too.

“I am putting this in here because I support this amazing organization and they need all the resources they can get, from a year of such difficulty and overwhelming disasters,” wrote Barrymore. “Please give any time or money you can give to help take care of our pets. They take care of us right back!”


And in addition to showing her love for the animal kind, Barrymore’s Instagram posts also reveal she’s got great taste in eyewear! Want more celebs who love cats? Check out 11 Celebrities Who Love Cats As Much As We Do!

Feature Image: Drew Barrymore/Instagram

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