Dog’s Love Letter To Cat Goes Viral

Every love story is beautiful, but THIS ONE is my favorite! That’s sort of how that saying goes, right? Well it does now and I think you’ll agree with me when you see why!

This truly is a love story like no other and it’s GONE VIRAL thanks to Reddit user Garret_N. It goes a little something like this…
There once was a dog that would sit in his window and stare at his neighbor’s cat. Every day he would gaze at his love interest for over a year and a half, until one day… dun dun dun… The cat’s owners placed potted plants in the window. These plants, while I’m sure looked lovely, blocked the dog’s view of his beloved cat and the dog quickly became depressed. ☹

Thankfully, he has a momma who loves him very much because she wrote a note and taped it on the neighbor’s windows explaining the situation…

love note

And to her surprise, the neighbors were ALL for it. They even responded with a note of their own once the plants were moved that read “For True Love.” Isn’t that ADORABLE!?

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