Discussion: Many Go To Galveston Bay To Feed The Cats, But Should They?

The shores of Galveston Bay are rocky and treacherous. Yet this man goes out there as often as possible, to bring food to the cats who make the rocks at home.


Two of the cats have just had kittens – meaning 14 more have just been added to the population.


The cats here have long been a source of feuding. Bird lovers believe they should be eradicated because they hunt the many species of avian that live there. Others feed the cats and believe the cats are just doing what nature created them for – to hunt birds. In 2007, one man almost went to jail for shooting a cat that was stalking the birds he was trying to watch.

That was in 2007, when there was only half a dozen cats. Now there are more than one can count.


The cats are clearly hungry, and thankful for the food. Watch the video below as some kindhearted strangers feed these poor kitties!

While there is no denying these people are doing a good deed, the cat population will keep growing and growing if left unchecked. We want to know what your opinion is on the matter.

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