Discovering How Cats Say “I LOVE YOU” Will Make Your Heart Melt!

Oh my goodness, what a sweet video we have for you today! ☺
Some of our favorite cats are back with a brand new video and it’s definitely one you don’t want to miss! Cole and Marmalade put together a wonderful list of ways that cats show you their love, ya know, in case you aren’t entirely sure that they do! But not to worry… of course they do, you just have to know what they’re communicating!
A few ways they show their love may include:
Love nips, head-bonks, purring (my favorite!), the classic “here’s my butt” move, and many-many more! However they show their love, it’s always unique to each cat and even more unique to each person they love. So anyone who says cats don’t show love, tell them to watch this video because THEY DO show love! 🙂 And I for one love the way they show it. (Yes, even the awkward butt-in-my-face moments!)

Too sweet! But even this great video couldn’t share ALL the ways cats show love, which is why we need your help! How else do your cats show their love towards you that weren’t mentioned in the video? Feel free to list them in a comment at the bottom of this page!
Can’t wait to read about all of your cats’ loving ways <3 [fb_large] [ilcs_below]

Written by Johnny Ferniz
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