Depression Survivor Wonders ‘Who Rescued Whom?’ After Saving A Sickly Kitten

Depression is a dark and lonely place to live and it can be difficult to let anyone in. When Reddit/Imgur user, Derpton89 rescued a deathly ill kitten, caring for him became a ray of light in the darkness.

The cat he named Dante was depending on him for his very survival. Watching him grow strong gave him a sense of purpose. Even better than that, it gave him a forever friend.

Dante’s mother apparently abandoned her 3 kittens in an alley, leaving them cold, sick and hungry. By the time Derpton came along, Dante’s 2 siblings had passed away and he was critically ill. The young man snuck the kitty into the apartment he shares with his brother until the vet’s office opened the next morning.

Dante could hardly see from the infected discharge crusting around his eyes. He was weak from hunger and staggered when he tried to walk. Derpton gave Dante some food and the fragile creature fell asleep in his arms.

Luckily Dante proved to be stronger than he appeared. He survived the night and with some fluids and antibiotics from the veterinarian he began to regain his health. After a week of treatment, Dante’s eyes began to clear and his appetite began to match that of a growing kitten. He even found his voice and began to meow!

Day by day, Derpton watched as Dante grew bigger, stronger and heartier. Seeing the once pitiful kitten become active and begin to develop his personality delighted him.

Just 3 weeks after Derpton found him huddled in the cold beside his dead siblings, Dante was 100% recovered and as playful and mischievous as any kitten his age. He even broke Derpton’s $200 computer mouse during one of his clumsy adolescent play sessions.

Derpton wasn’t too upset, though. He has come to realize that taking care of Dante has been incredibly beneficial for his emotional well-being. Nursing the little kitten back to health has also helped him heal himself.

The title of his Reddit/Imgur post shows his optimism,

Meet Dante. He’s rescued me a lot this month from depression after I rescued him. And he’s growing up so fast!

Derpton has even spoken to his therapist about having Dante declared an emotional support animal.

They were both lost souls searching for a miracle and they each found it in each other. I think we all know the answer to “Who rescued whom?”

All Photos via Imgur/Derpton89

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